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Room Rates

Full Club Rental  $1,250.00 

Seats 340

Rent the entire club for your party, get-together, wedding, or special event. Witness amazing views, impeccable cuisine, and a great atmosphere for your event.  Renting the full club will allow you to utilize all rooms and have "the club to yourself." 

Informal Dining Room  $500.00

Seats 80 

Our Informal Dining room seats 80 people comfortably. The room is perfect for Bridal Showers as it overlooks our beautiful Golf Course with an amazing view. It's also a fantastic place to get married. The large bay window makes for the perfect background as you announce your vows. This room also has a bar centrally located. 

Upstairs Dining Room  $750.00

Seats 220  

The Upstairs Dining Room is surrounded by windows overlooking our Patio and #18 Green and #1 Tee.  This is a Formal Dining room to host your formal dinners and occasions.  This is the perfect room for a Prom or formal family party or social event. 

Ballroom  $500.00

Seats 100 

Our Ballroom is an elegant hardwood floor room that makes the perfect dance floor or meeting room.  With a fireplace and open floor plan, the Ballroom can be made to fit numerous people.  With people in the Formal and the North Alcove, all of your guests feel part of the event and with this it allows us to host very large events up to 200 people.  It makes for the perfect wedding reception.  Also, check out our wedding page for more information on our wedding events. 

Robert E Murray Room  $100.00

Seats 40 

The Robert E. Murray Champions Room seats 35 people comfortably. This room is perfect for small parties and private meetings. It also makes for the perfect kid's room for weddings or other events.

Private Dining Room  $25.00

Seats 12 

The Private Dining Room is great for small parties.  This room overlooks the #18 Green and #1 tee of our beautiful golf course and offers a secluded room for special small gatherings or meetings.

Pool Rental  $150.00/hr 

Our full-service pool area is perfect for a great birthday party or graduation party. Swim lessons are also offered.

Shelter  $150.00 

The Whiteside Pavillion is nestled between the golf course and a lake providing the area with some great scenery. This area is most popular for hosting graduation parties because it provides a large grass area to set up games. But the Whiteside Pavillion is also perfect for family get-togethers, family and class reunions, picnics, and cookouts after golf outings.

Shelter Extras:
  • Extra Tables - $10.00 a Piece
  • Tent - $75.00

Taya Rocchi

Contact our Event Coordinator, Taya Rocchi, to get details and information regarding your requests and we will accompany you in any way to make your event at BHCC memorable.

Let's Plan a Party

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