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Toni Kleoudis

In addition to the fantastic view, one of the unique features you'll appreciate is the Restaurant at Belmont Hills Country Club. Whether you're relaxing over a beverage with friends, or enjoying any of the delicious creations prepared especially for you by our Chef & Kitchen Staff, you'll love the fun atmosphere and casual elegance of the Restaurant at Belmont Hills.

Parties and Special events are open to the public.  We are known for our accommodation of large parties, weddings, and other gatherings. If you are a non-member, please consider having your event at Belmont Hills where the views and service are unmatched.  

Planning an event, wedding, or any social get-together? Contact our Event Coordinator, Toni Kleoudis, to get details and information regarding your requests and we will accompany you in any way to make your event at BHCC memorable.

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